Hey! My name is Sheyleigh and when it comes to seriously awesome individuals, I'm one of them. If you didn't already know. I have a bubbly personality, a flare for creativity, a fan of good tunes and just a general obsession for bikes & most cycling related content.

Currently I'm part of The Pedla family as a supported rider. I would never say I am a pro with cycling - there's always more riding to be done and plenty of exciting things for me to still learn. I work at Shimano Australia where I'm definitely learning a lot and meeting a lot of amazing bike shops across Australia.
As a passionate cyclist, I have many personal goals, shaped and created as I get better & better but one that will never change? My love for helping cyclists find their pedals and keeping their momentum and my love for being out there having fun with friends on two wheels. 

I will say - I'm an absolute pro at having a blast on the bike and finding the love for adventure wherever I go.