Hey! My name is Sheyleigh and when it comes to seriously awesome individuals, I'm one of them. If you didn't already know. I have a bubbly personality, a flare for creativity, a fan of good tunes (like Foals, Incubus & Death Cab For Cutie) and just a general obsession for bikes & most cycling related content.

I'm quite proud to say I was one of the twelve Specialized Women's Ambassadors for Australia selected in 2016 & 2017.  Prior to that, in 2015, I was a store ambassador to Cyclery Northside, the flagship Specialized store located in Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia. Being an ambassador for Cyclery Northside was something I was super chuffed about that 'cause those guys are just the bee's knees.

My light shines bright with Cycliq (the world's first combined bicycle light and camera). These guys have got my back (and front) covered and are capturing my adventure along the way. Previously I have made contributions to Ella CyclingTips, working with the team on the Ask Ella series, where unanswered questions were tackled.

My ambassadorship in the previous years has fueled my passion to build and support a community in women's cycling in Sydney. From beginner's to the elite, my door is always open to make your cycling experience easier and more enjoyable.

I currently work at Shimano Australia, with an incredible team. I talk to bike stores all over Australia, getting to assist them with technical knowledge to either complete your dream ride or resolve the issue preventing you riding your dream ride.

To strengthen my cycling and add diversity I now train with IsFit Personal Training at Camperdown Fitness. Challenging sessions showing me my journey in the gym has just begun!

I would never say I am a professional at cycling - there's always more riding to be done and plenty of exciting things for me to still learn! As a passionate cyclist, I have many personal goals, shaped and created as I get better & better but one that will never change? My love for helping cyclists find their pedals and keeping their momentum and my love for being out there having fun with friends on two wheels. I'm an absolute pro at having a blast on the bike and finding the love for adventure wherever I go.